What is unique about the BrightWhite Smile formula?

We have carefully crafted a formula that uses 3 Primary Whitening Agents to ensure maximum results and assist in gently whitening all inner and outer tooth stains. Our gel was designed to optimize all of its whitening effects within only 10 minutes whilst maintain no damage to the tooth’s enamel. Through our unique formulation we have also been able to ensure that no tooth erosion occurs and that the tooth’s enamel is not damaged in the process.

What is the active ingredients in your formula?

Our Whitening Pen contains natural hydrogen peroxide along with other natural ingredients such as xylitol, aloe, CoQ10 and natural peppermint extract that help in promoting safe and natural whitening. These natural ingredients and low pH provide the optimal whitening of the teeth.

     Beneficial Key Ingredients Include:

  • 100% natural xylitol has been proven to be beneficial for oral health and tooth enamel.
  • Organic Aloe Vera is ideal for healing and soothing in addition aloe addresses plaque and tarter build-up.
  • Studies have shown that CoQ10 has beneficial effects on maintaining healthy oral care.
  • Natural Peppermint extract have been used for centuries as a freshener.
  • BrightWhite Smile unique and proprietary blend has been formulated for sensitive teeth.

How often do I have to whiten my teeth?

After completing the first course of 6-9 applications, we recommend 1-2 applications per week to maintain optimum results. Our kit comes equipped with one month's supply to easily maintain your initial results.

How long will the results last?

Results will vary per person depending on your teeth and your eating/drinking habits. However, results from completing the recommended 6-9 applications will generally last 1-3 months.

Will it cause sensitivity or damage? 

No. With the addition of Sodium Bicarbonate to our teeth whitening gel, a high PH level is maintained, meaning that our gel is not acidic. This ensures that no sensitivity, tooth erosion or enamel damage is encountered whilst still maintaining maximum whitening results.

How does the LED light whiten my teeth?

Our unique gel formulation helps the gel breakdown its bleaching radicals quicker under the LED Light. This is what makes our application time so fast and effective, delivering results in only 10 minutes.

Do I need to see a dentist? 

No. :) BrightWhite Smile teeth whitening kits can be used completely in the privacy of your own home. Our products are so easy to use that you are ensured a convenient and mess-free application process every time.

Is it safe to use with Veneers, Braces, Caps Crowns?

Our teeth whitening products will only remove stains from real teeth.
We recommend waiting until you have your braces removed before using BrightWhite Smile, as you will not achieve consistent results.

Is it safe to use if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

For precautionary reasons we recommend consulting your GP first. Feel free to email us for a list of ingredients to give to your doctor.

My light's not working?

Be sure to activate the light by removing the clear sheet of plastic located between the batteries.

Looking for more information.  Check out our How It Works page.