How It Works

When using our Teeth Whitening Kit:

  1. Brush your teeth up to 2 minutes. We want a nice clean surface to brighten your smile.
  2. Using your Whitening Pen apply a thin layer of the whitening serum to the top and bottom teeth.
  3. Turn on and pop in your illuminated LED light,  and whiten for 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse after use, and repeat each day for up to 6-9 applications or until you have achieved desired results.
    *After your initial We recommend 1-2 applications per week to maintain              optimum results.

Why Brightwhite Smile over other whitening kits?

A Better Way to Whiten: Fast Acting

The BrightWhite Smile is an easy to use pen that applies an all natural effective and refreshing teeth whitening formula in minutes. 

Our pen can be used alone but for best results use with our BrightWhite Smile LED Light. The LED light will activate the whitening ingredients within the BrightWhite Smile Pen and leave you with a beautiful smile you'll be proud to show off!

Take It With You: Wherever You Go

The BrightWhite Smile Pen fits neatly in your purse, travel or computer bag. Take BrightWhite Smile with you wherever you go. Apply in minutes while working, reading, or traveling. BrightWhite Smile is designed for real people who have real schedules.

What Is It: A Serum Filled Pen That Whitens Naturally

BrightWhite Smile teeth whitening pen contains natural ingredients designed for gentle teeth whitening at home or while on the go. You'll be rewarded with fast results. BrightWhite Smile is an instant gratification product as results begin to show with each and every use.

Proven to Work: Safe Effective Ingredients

The key ingredients are proven safe and effective in teeth whitening. The nutrient enriched gel serum will soothe and protect your teeth as it assists in the whitening process.

Our Whitening Pen contains natural hydrogen peroxide along with other natural ingredients such as xylitol, aloe, CoQ10 and natural peppermint extract that help in promoting safe and natural whitening. These natural ingredients and low pH provide the optimal whitening of the teeth.

     Beneficial Key Ingredients Include:

  • 100% natural xylitol has been proven to be beneficial for oral health and tooth enamel.
  • Organic Aloe Vera is ideal for healing and soothing in addition aloe addresses plaque and tarter build-up.
  • Studies have shown that CoQ10 has beneficial effects on maintaining healthy oral care.
  • Natural Peppermint extract have been used for centuries as a freshener.
  • BrightWhite Smile unique and proprietary blend has been formulated for sensitive teeth.

• How BrightWhite Smile Protects and Helps with Oral Health

BrightWhite Smile's ingredients create an unwelcome environment for bacteria. Among our active ingredients, Xylitol has been found to help reduce tooth decay and the incidence of gum disease. Xylitol's molecular structure slows the growth of S. mutans on the tooth surfaces, stops the production of tooth decay-causing acid and neutralizes the pH level in saliva and plaque.

• You'll enjoy it: Minty, Fresh...

A gentle minty taste that feels refreshingly clean as your teeth are whitened. BrightWhite Smile leaves your whole mouth feeling, looking and smelling cleaner. Apply it and look in the mirror. You'll see BrightWhite Smile all natural ingredients at work, fizzing away.

You'll See the Results: Guaranteed

Take the whitening test. Try it on just one tooth. You'll notice a difference in hours!

Smile, it looks good on you!

Have more questions. Check our our FAQ section for more information.